Tuesday, January 6, 2009

46) Find out what music I've missed over the past ten years

Around 1998, I pretty much stopped listening to the radio and/or being exposed to new music ... I recently made a mix CD for Greta to listen to in the car, and the most recent music on there was Nirvana and the Pixies. And when I pick up Rolling Stone in a waiting room, it might as well be from a foreign country. It's time to find out if there are any new artists from the Aughties that I would enjoy!

Edit: Amy Winehouse is the one exception; our friend Evelin's recommendation caused me to seek her out ... as soon as I started listening to her, though, her life turned into a disaster. I think I jinxed her.


  1. I can provide some things to check out:
    Jose Gonzalez
    Bon Iver
    Kings of Leon
    Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
    Ray LaMontagne
    TV on the Radio
    Jenny Lewis
    Joss Stone
    Iron and Wine
    Gnarls Barkley
    Arcade Fire

    OK I'll stop now

  2. Wow, thanks Jen! I've only heard of eight of these 12 acts, and only actually heard music by one of them (Iron & Wine) ... I hang my head in shame.

    Want to make me a mix CD?? :-)

    PS: Alison & Robert is kind of cheating; he's around 90 years old, and I asked her to marry me when I was 19. (true story ... and a loooong time ago)